Basic hosting service is $12 Month.
Care plans as low as $35 per month. Hourly rates for big jobs are $65 per hour up to $350 per day for a marathon session.

Fast, Accurate Response
I have more than 15 years of web hosting experience and know how to research new capabilities to find the right information. Whether you need a text conversation via Facebook or phone text, a voice phone call appointment, a Google hangout, or submitting a ticket through email, I’ll get you the answer quickly.

Updates for Best Uptime over the Long Term
I can handle most of the server-side updates and website software installs ourselves. I do this to maximize a secure environment and uptime and ensure your application does not negatively impact server performance.

Platform Choices
With extensive platform optimization experience, I can implement the right solution for you. From setting up a simple information page, a blog, or a full portal site with contact form for collecting email lists, and/or a pay system, I have you covered.

Best-Fit Solutions
I can provide you with solutions that you need to succeed. I can create custom server setups, and provide a graphics person for you.

Giving You Back Time and $$$
The old methods of website maintenance were time consuming and costly. Many tasks can and should be automated. I can setup your site to take care of email responses and target segmented groups, with your site tools handing time consuming tasks.

Thank you for stopping by,